Where the Tomorrows Go

wttg-coverBella is a little girl who adores Gogo, her pet dog. When she learns of Gogo’s sudden passing, she experiences some difficult thoughts and emotions for the first time. With some help from her parents, Bella opens her mind and heart to discover the happiness that lies beyond grief.

The loss of life is difficult to understand and accept, for adults and children alike. “Where The Tomorrows Go” is a journey of the heart that parents can use as a tool to have a meaningful conversation about this emotional subject with their little ones.

Book Details

Published: May 2015
Illustrated by: Liz Urso
Length: 40 pages
Formats: Hardcover, iBook, Kindle, Google Play

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About the Author

mabraham-headManoj S. Abraham spent the first 20 years of his professional life as a ‘techie’ – managing products and marketing initiatives for software companies. That started to change in 2011 when his son, Sam, was born. From that point on, he began embracing what was once a hobby – writing – as a career. Manoj credits his interest in writing to his father, who encouraged him to take on writing and editing projects from a young age. Manoj is inspired by the beautiful moments in life that come without warning or reason. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife, Kristen, his children, Sam and Maya, and their dog, Sherpa.